The excursions that Magnum Avventura offers take place all over Tuscany and beyond!


Our excursions are designed to satisfy users according to the level of preparation achieved. Notwithstanding that pedaling is a sport and therefore it should not be improvised but prepared, you will have the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary landscapes in complete safety avoiding roads that are too busy.

For our excursions we have itineraries of 50 km, 100 km and over with gradients that can range from a hundred meters up to 2000 meters. Our excursions take place all over Tuscany, which is a very undulating and closed land between the Apennines and the sea with its buttresses formed by the Apuan Alps that touch the 2000 meters and can be very demanding even if they are close to the sea . You can experience the sweetness of the Bike + Train, to discover the Cinqueterre, returning by pedaling and discovering the crest of the Ligurian Apennines, one of the most beautiful and exciting bird’s-eye voyages. We have many proposals to offer you with enthusiasm and love for what we do.



A journey must remain a dream come true and we have fulfilled many of our customers’ dreams.

About Us

The birth of MAGNUM ADVENTURE is based on journeys of one or more days for Tuscany, both on the road and in mtb. We will introduce you to this magical region in a way that only we can offer you as born, raised in Tuscany by loving it and studying it in all its landscape and cultural aspects. We plan trips and trainings with van in tow, with rental bikes, logistic and mechanical assistance, with overnight stays in first-rate facilities that we have carefully selected and tested. We offer a range of unrepeatable experiences ranging from the 5 Terre in Liguria, up to the Maremma and the Casentino in the east without neglecting the coast with its islands. A triangle of emotions and memories to take away.

Rasa Mazeikyte

The two owners have a great experience in racing and cycling holidays. The most successful of the two is certainly Rasa Mazeikyte. For the Lithuanian national team he raced 10 years on the track with many victories in the world cup, reaching the Olympics in Atlanta and Sidney. Europeans dominated for two years in a row in the individual pursuit specialty. A great past, therefore, that did not take away her desire to ride.

Marco Mosti

Marco Mosti, now known as Marcao, has an amateur past. A love so great that it still pushes him to run in mtb for his own fun. No one has ever paid him to do it, but he has raced the most important mtb competitions in the world like the Titan Desert in Morocco, the Crocodyle Trophy in Australia and the Cape Epic in South Africa, finishing them all.


The services we offer range from transport from the airport to the destination on the spot, bike and racing bike hire, saddle and mechanical assistance throughout the excursion. In the case of multi-day trips, we provide assistance 24 hours a day for any need, even beyond the bike. We have selected for our customers the best roads, the best facilities and the best landscapes to visit on board our beloved bicycle. Road or off-road car does not matter, the important thing is to travel in safety followed by professionals of the accompaniment happy to show you their riches that are many but must be known to look for. A journey must remain a realized dream and we have realized so many dreams of our customers.


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